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The Best Way To Play Baseball Or Softball In Port Coquitlam

When you play baseball and softball, there’s nothing better than the crack of the bat in that sweet spot and the feel of the perfect hit. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find outdoor spaces that really let you “swing for the fences” without fear of hitting nearby commercial or residential structures.​

That’s where Port Coquitlam’s very own The batter box baseball and softball batting cages come in! Whether it’s you and your little leaguer, or your whole baseball team, we have the batting cages to help improve any athlete’s game at any level.

Regular Prices:

$50.00 an hour per cage.

$30.00 for 30min.

All prices are subject to 5% gst.

$35 Private coaching + cage rental

Box 2. Softball or baseball with a machine or self pitch.

Box 1. Baseball or softball with a machine or self pitch.

Choose from Baseball or Softball Batting Cages at our Port Coquitlam location. Personal training sessions available upon request​

Whether you need batting cages for baseball or softball, The Batter Box has you covered. Our easy pricing and reinforced safety nets make practicing your baseball or softball batting productive, relaxing and fun!​

Browse our pricing and selection of batting cages, and then contact us today for more information!​

The Batter Box is the leading baseball & softball training facility for athletes of all ages & skill levels in Port Coquitlam.